Meeting Outsourcing Challenges of the future Today

Healthcare staffing is about more than just having the number of people you need.  It’s about having access to the people you want – dedicated, experienced professionals of the highest quality.  No one understands this more than us in Ameriphil Staffing Resource LLC.  As a medical staffing agency, we’re committed to giving our clients more, with the most qualified and compassionate professionals in the industry.  Ameriphil Staffing Resource LLC gives clients the opportunity for more – more efficiency, more reliability, more support, and ultimately more success. It’s how we’re making more possible every day.

Ameriphil Staffing Resource, LLC is managed by staff that have been involved and worked in the healthcare industry for many years.  Our experience has given us the inside look on how to deliver top quality services in the industry and we will strive to supplement your effort for uninterrupted hospital operation in regards to providing services to medically complex patient.

Ameriphil Staffing Resource, LLC adheres to standards and practices set forth by client facility and shall maintain policies and procedures for personnel interviews, screening and for the investigation and resolution of complaints about the performance of agency personnel.

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